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Are there alternative therapies that replace kidney transpla

2017-05-16 16:48

Are there alternative therapies that replace kidney transplant? Are there alternative treatments that replace kidney transplantation? Kidney transplantation (kidney transplantation) is usually considered the most effective treatment for chronic renal failure (CRF). Many patients with CRF think that after a successful transplant operation one can live as healthy, but in fact not all patients can accept it because that poor health, old growth, lack of money, lack of a donor and others. In addition, the transplanted kidney can also refuse, that is, there is a large risk of a transplanted kidney being ill again with chronic renal failure.

Well, are there alternative therapies that replace kidney transplantation?

In many countries, dialysis and kidney transplantation are two methods of treating chronic renal failure, in China dialysis and kidney transplantation are not a only choice. Through many years of research and clinical experience, our specialists and doctors have created an effective integrated treatment in the basis of Chinese medicine: Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, therapeutic foot baths or for the whole body, decoctions,Mixture of Mai Kang, enema, moxibustion, acupuncture, massage and others. In accordance with a specific condition, we will choose suitable treatment methods and make a treatment plan. And the entire course of treatment is carried out according to the treatment plan. They can expand blood vessels, regulate blood pressure, reduce inflammation and infection, suppress hemagglutination, accelerate blood circulation, remove internal waste and toxins from the body, repair damaged cells and kidney tissues, restore internal renal structures, improve kidney function, strengthen the immune system, Improve immunity and improve the quality of life. Our program treatment receives more and more recognition from patients and their families.

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