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What are the differences between Chinese and Western medicin

2017-05-16 16:17

What are the differences between Chinese and Westernmedicine in the treatment of chronic renal failure? What are the differences between Chinese and Western medicine? what are the differences? In this article, we write about the differences between Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of chronic renal failure (CRF), so they get better treatment.

Western medicine:

Western medicine has great advantages in suppressing the development of health problems and it helps very much to delay the progression of the disease. Western medicine will provide quick and obvious effects of treatment in controlling the symptoms and complications in the treatment of CRF. But drugs and methods of Western medicine usually bring a lot of side effects, especially kidney transplant, dialysis and hormonal drugs. Obtain effects in a short time, but they can not repair damaged cells and tissues, can not improve kidney function. In other words, the advantage of Western medicine is to effectively delay the progression of chronic renal failure.

Chinese medicine:

Chinese medicine treats chronic renal failure by regulating the systemic functions of the body, its main goal is not only to stop the progression of the disease, but also to regulate all internal systems, repair the kidneys, restore kidney function and improve overall health. Moreover, Chinese medicine, as a natural method, almost does not bring any side effects. This are the reason why more and more patients are leaning toward taking Chinese medicine.

Our complex treatment treats the kidneys at the heart of Chinese medicine, at the same time the methods of Western medicine are used. Our treatment will give great results in the treatment of chronic renal failure. Therefore, foreign patients from more than 60 countries came to us for treatment.

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