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How to treat pruritus in 4 stages of chronic renal failure with natural remedies?

2017-05-15 16:52

How to treat itchy skin in 4 stages of chronic renal failure with natural remedies? Skin itching is an unpleasant symptom in patients at the 4th stage of chronic renal failure (CRF). In Western medicine there is no effective remedy that can weaken and treat itchy itching during chronic renal failure in 4 stages. Do not worry about it. We have some natural remedies for weakening the itch in China.

Why does pruritus occur during chronic renal failure in 4 stages?

A high level of harmful substances and toxins is considered the main cause of skin itching. Sick kidneys can not remove waste and harmful substances, and then harmful substances penetrate the skin, which causes poor stimulation. And in this case, itching occurs.

Patients with elevated levels of phosphorus easily feel the itching of the skin. Dry skin also aggravate itching.

Natural remedies for itchy skin.

The following drugs will give results in the treatment of pruritus.

1, Full bath with herbs:

This remedy takes baths with herbs. Patients should introduce themselves into medicinal water, which is cooked with unique Chinese herbs to free from toxins and harmful substances. These harmful substances are removed by sweating and urination. The medicinal soap complements some necessary useful substances for skin toning. So the skin itch is much easier.

2, Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy:

Finely pided grasses are applied on bilateral acupuncture points: the renal pelvis. With the aid of an osmosis device, the active ingredients in the herbs enter the diseased renal part in order to achieve these goals: elimination of toxins and harmful substances, restoration of the original qi. Then the kidneys are restored. Problems, since excessive toxins, dry skin, high levels of phosphorus, can be solved. Thus, itchy skin can be treated and it can not happen again.

These natural remedies do not cause side effects to patients in 4 stages of CRF. If you want to know more, then leave us a message below.

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