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How to reduce creatinine 6 mg / dl without the aid of dialys

2017-05-14 17:19

How to reduce creatinine 6 mg / dl without dialysis? Creatinine 6 mg / dl showed that in patients with CKD (chronic kidney disease), stage 5, that is CRF (chronic renal failure). To reduce creatinine 6, dialysis is usually carried out. But in fact dialysis is not the only choice, and even more so, dialysis program carries a lot of side effects and therefore we prefer the methods and herbs of Chinese medicine to treating kidneys and lowering creatinine.

Creatinine 6 showed that multiple wastes and toxins accumulate in the blood and at the same time different symptoms and discomforts arise. In this case, only one or two grass is far from sufficient, it is necessary systemic treatment. Systemic treatment, I mean programmable Chinese treatment: Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy. Osmoterapiya intends to restore the kidneys and avoid dialysis. But unfortunately, this Osmoterapiya is only being conducted in China, although we are now setting up branches in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities.

In the process of Osmotherapy, various Chinese herbs are used with the help of a special machine for osmosis. Active substances in the herbs directly enter the kidneys and they can expand the blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, remove internal toxic substances, relieve ischemia and hypoxia in the kidneys, repair damaged cells and kidney tissues, restore their functions and improve the overall condition of the kidneys.

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