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The prevention and treatment of renal failure

2016-12-26 11:12
The elderly have decreased in physique, decrease disease prevention ability, so the elderly are at high risk of renal failure disease, this disease harm is really big, hope that we can pay attention to the prevention and treatment of diseases of renal failure. Prevention of renal failure in elderly patients is mainly to actively prevent and control the primary disease, to avoid and eliminate induced factors is the fundamental prevention. Therefore, elderly patients with renal failure to pay attention to the following three points.
A: usually, the five internal organs, nursed back to living on a diet, pay attention to hygiene, avoid evil, especially in the infectious disease epidemic season and regions should strengthen preventive measures; however, eat spicy Atsumi sunburn Huang, to prevent the breeding of damp heat; regulating emotions, maintain a happy, so that blood was smooth and avoid the occurrence of qi stagnation and blood stasis; strengthen physical exercise, improve the body's defenses.
Two, prevent poisoning: 20% a 50% acute elderly renal failure is caused by drugs, there are some due to exposure to harmful substances. Therefore, should avoid contact and use toxic drug or poison of kidney.
Three, prevention and control in time: once induced acute renal failure of the original onset, should be treated early, pay attention to expand blood volume, correct water, electrolyte disorders and acid-base imbalance, restore circulatory function. If it is found that the disease will occur, should take early measures to supplement the blood volume, increase cardiac output, the recovery of renal perfusion flow and glomerular filtration rate, eliminate intratubular obstruction, prevention of infection, prevention of renal parenchyma caused by renal ischemia damage, DIC. At the same time the early application of blood circulation drugs to prevent the occurrence of this disease has a positive effect.
Treatment of renal failure:
Acute renal failure
The treatment for the cause, such as the expansion of correct prerenal factors, relieve renal obstruction factors after severe rapidlyprogressive glomerulonephritis or other hormone impact can obtain effect, allergic interstitial nephritis should immediately stop using drugs, given anti allergy drugs.
The oliguria period, the intake of liquid to measure for the principle.
The correction of hyperkalemia and acidosis.
The dialysis therapy is carried out as soon as possible, dehydration, removal of toxins, correction of electrolyte imbalance and acid-base balance, the patients of uropenia difficulties; polyuria period strict monitoring of water and electrolyte balance to prevent die of dehydration and electrolyte disorder; recovery period, pay attention to strengthening nutrition and rest to avoid the use of nephrotoxic drugs are very important.
Chronic renal failure
Removal of incentives, symptomatic treatment, infection control and correct water, electrolyte disorders and acidosis.
Non dialysis therapy. Low protein and low phosphorus diet can delay the progression. Supplement essential amino acids to increase protein synthesis, improve long-term low protein diet induced malnutrition and immune status, and can reduce blood phosphorus. Oral administration of Rhubarb decoction or enema could decrease Bun effect on mild uremia. Oral adsorbent oxidized starch can be combined with intestinal urea nitrogen or amine to discharge with feces, reducing Bun. But not for patients with severe oral mannitol.
The application of erythropoietin subcutaneous or intravenous injection, 3 times a week, while taking iron anemia can be corrected quickly.
The use of calcium phosphate binders of calcium carbonate or traditional Chinese medicine Shengu capsule to correct hypocalcemia and hyperphosphatemia, vitamin D3 can reduce hyperparathyroidism osteopathia.
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