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Renal insufficiency diet

2017-05-12 18:24

How to protect the residual part of the renal function, and not to the more serious situation in addition to medical treatment, but also includes some of the usual eating habits. Here to introduce the treatment of renal insufficiency.


First, in order to maximize the intake of protein, not to be converted into energy consumption, while taking a low protein diet, but also must add energy. At least 35 kilograms of calories per kilogram of body weight per day, mainly by the sugar supply, can eat fruit, sugar products, chocolate, jam, honey and so on. In addition, there must be reasonable protein intake. The metabolites in the human body are mainly derived from the protein composition of the diet. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden of residual kidney, the protein intake must be compatible with the excretion of the kidney.

Second, it is noteworthy that there are some foods that meet the previous conditions, such as egg yolk, floss, animal offal, dairy products, bone marrow, etc., but because of their high phosphorus content and unfit for human consumption, The function of the kidney is further deteriorated. In order to reduce the amount of phosphorus in food, edible fish, meat, potatoes, etc., should be boiled soup and then further cooking.


Third, the staple food can be selected in Jiangsu standard one meter, in the rice, rich and strong powder, lotus root starch. Should not use Jiangsu standard three glutinous rice, Beijing special rice millet.

Renal insufficiency patients should pay attention to the above diet, treatment no matter how bad the diet can lead to disease progression, at the same time, diet control is good, poor treatment can lead to disease progression.

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