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Check the method of kidney stones

2017-05-12 17:21

Do not understand the kidney stones friends, are talking about "stone" discoloration. Feel kidney stones very hard to prevent. In fact, life more attention to diet, from the details of the well, if there waist pain as soon as possible to the hospital, kidney stones can be avoided. So what is the method of examination of kidney stones? How to accurately determine the symptoms of kidney stones? tongshantang hospital experts made a presentation.


Urine routine examination


In the examination of kidney stones, urine routine examination is probably a check that we can know in detail. The examination mainly determines whether there is infection, and the specific situation of infection.


X-ray examination


After the kidney stones, the image learn to change, so, X-ray examination is also a test of kidney stones will do a project, through the X-ray examination, the purpose is to determine the characteristics of stones and anatomical morphology to determine the appropriate treatment.


B super


B can show the special sound of stones, but also to evaluate the kidney stones caused by kidney hydration caused by renal mass or renal parenchymal atrophy, but also can be found x-ray examination can not show the small stones. May not have known, some no symptoms of kidney stones is by virtue of B or x line of an accidental inspection and found. B can be seen in the examination of the kidney stones played a significant role. B-check in the stone inspection is also the most commonly used method of inspection.



Including the renal mirror, ureteroscopy and cystoscopy 3, usually in the x-ray examination did not show stones, and uremia imaging foreign body, with endoscopy can confirm the diagnosis.


There are many ways to check kidney stones, and there are several basic checkpoints. If you want to know more about online doctor or message, you can also browse other pages of this website.

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