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Treatment principle of chronic renal failure

2016-12-24 10:54
About chronic renal failure treatment notes this topic, is the recent some patients want to ask the disease. Under normal circumstances, as long as the patient in time to grasp the relevant knowledge in this area, I believe that patients will be able to get rid of the disease as soon as possible. The end of chronic renal failure, people often referred to as uremia. It is understood that chronic renal failure is one of the important diseases threatening life. In the treatment of chronic renal failure, for chronic renal failure treatment has the following principles. Predisposing factors and treatment to dispel exacerbations; active treatment of primary disease; positive anemia; positive symptomatic treatment; ensure adequate intake of calories and vitamins, high quality low protein diet, but when necessary with a-ketoacid; prevention and treatment of hypertension, active treatment of hypertension, to the selection of antihypertensive drugs does not reduce the renal blood flow, at the same time to pay attention to the efficacy and cost; maintain water, electrolyte and acid-base balance, to maintain the stability of internal environment.
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