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Three key points for prevention of diabetic nephropathy

2017-05-07 16:03
Prevention of diabetic nephropathy is more important than treatment, prevention can be mainly from the following three aspects:
First, strict control of blood sugar. In patients with a reasonable diet and exercise under the guidance of a specialist, correct use of hypoglycemic drugs, should also attempt to eliminate some serious interference factors such as hypoglycemic, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, depression, acute and chronic infection, fatigue, pain, irregular menstruation, and combined with Chinese medicine.
Two is to promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis. Pathogenesis of traditional Chinese medicine to know the disease is a blood stasis in collaterals, at this point, TCM treatment is medication such as Huoxue Huayu Tongluo, Hirudo powder, Naoxuekang oral liquid, Dahuang Zhechong pill, compound Danshen dripping pills etc.. Early use of Chinese medicine can significantly slow down the development of renal and retinal microvascular lesions.
Three is to prevent arteriosclerosis. A lot of clinical experience shows that, through the simple sugar to control the development of diabetic nephropathy is very limited, only on atherosclerosis related factors for active treatment, can effectively prevent diabetic nephropathy, specific treatment measures in specialist refers to the rational use of antihypertensive drugs, under the guidance of lipid-lowering drugs, reduce blood viscosity, prevent thrombosis.
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