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Renal failure late return to what extent

2016-12-25 17:54
In fact, if the treatment of acute renal failure in a timely manner, the kidneys of patients with kidney disease can still be restored to health. But if kidney disease patients do not receive effective and correct treatment at the first time, the consequences will be very serious.

If kidney damage is still in its early stages, it can be controlled by drugs and diet, but end-stage renal failure has no hope of recovery. For renal failure, only two ways to treat dialysis or a kidney transplant.
Kidney transplantation refers to the process of transplanting an organ donor's kidney into a transplant patient. Kidney transplantation is the best way to treat renal failure, because the kidneys transplanted into the patient can almost completely replace the exhausted kidney function, allowing patients to live a normal life. Unfortunately, not every kidney failure patient has a chance to undergo a kidney transplant. This is because there may not be a suitable kidney or relatives willing to donate the kidney, or because the number of organ donors after brain death is much lower than the number of demanders. It takes a long time for a patient to have a suitable kidney for a kidney transplant because the donor's kidney must match the patient's body. At this time, the patient must conduct regular dialysis to sustain life, until you can get a new kidney transplant surgery through.

Dialysis refers to by filtration, selectively exclude certain substances in the blood. To eliminate the toxic waste, water and salt accumulated in the body after kidney failure by artificial means, so as to restore the patient's physical condition to a healthy state. There are two forms of dialysis hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Although the cost of treatment of acute renal failure is high, but if you do not take timely treatment, to the time when there is no fear of spending more. Kidney failure symptoms for the treatment of renal failure can play a certain role, generally found that renal failure is not easy, but as long as we watch this can still be as much aware of the body, which will provide reference to the treatment process, to a certain extent help. Renal failure can be divided into acute and chronic, acute renal failure

disease progress rapidly, usually due to insufficient supply of renal blood flow and renal function damage caused by obstruction due to certain factors or by poison damage caused by acute renal failure. The main cause of renal failure is long-term renal disease, with the progress of time and disease, renal function gradually decreased, resulting in the occurrence of renal failure.

Expert tips: in this disease, patients need active treatment, so as to avoid the threat and should also pay attention to some nursing methods on the kidney, or should the reasonable medication, usually have to pay more attention to Hugh

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