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What are the characteristics of the treatment of kidney disease

2017-04-26 18:05

Treatment of kidney disease, drug therapy: This is one of the most common treatment of kidney disease. However, this method is generally only suitable for those stones less than 0.3 cm, and no chronic inflammation in patients with kidney disease. However, once the number of patients with a large number of stones, and also accompanied by infection and other symptoms, then it is not appropriate to use drug therapy. Because the infection can lead to increased obstruction, so the drug can only improve symptoms but can not really play a role in healing.

Treatment of kidney disease two, surgical treatment: This is a very traditional treatment of kidney disease, but the patient in the treatment of this method, can not avoid the possibility of trauma. After surgery, the incision is large, the injury is high, and the recurrence rate is high. Great danger. So for multiple stones, patients with chronic inflammation are not appropriate.

Kidney disease is a serious disease, but no matter how to treat the treatment of kidney disease is a certain deficiency, then the patient must be cautious in the treatment, so as to effectively treat the disease.


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