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Body building therapy for renal failure disease

2016-12-25 16:55
The occurrence of chronic renal failure so that our patients suffering from too much suffering, once suffering from the disease such as chronic renal failure, we should take measures as early as possible, so that it can help patients recover from this disease that has health
Let's get along with a kidney specialist to read the article.
How much does it cost to treat chronic renal failure!
The treatment price of chronic renal failure is the same as the difference of patient's condition. Different disease, the treatment course and time is different, so for the treatment of chronic renal failure costs, each
Hospitals because of different treatment methods, each person's situation is not the same, the cost of natural treatment of chronic renal failure will be different, so the cost is different.
At present, the traditional method of treatment for chronic renal failure, dialysis and transplant will generally take two measures, do not say first dialysis treatment effect from the treatment cycle, it is not a small cost of treatment, in addition, dialysis
Although the treatment can temporarily control the patient's condition, reduce the symptoms of patients, but did not dispel the cause from the roots. Moreover kidney dialysis can not completely replace the body's own kidney excretion and regulation function, it can only clear the body 12-
15% of metabolic waste and toxins, far less than the purpose of thorough purification of blood; long-term dependence on dialysis to maintain life, resulting in complete loss of residual renal function. And as time goes on, the interval between renal dialysis will become shorter and shorter,
The number of dialysis will be more and more, the economic burden has become increasingly heavy.
The transplant charge also are not the average family can accept, and the kidney has many defects: the reality in many patients after renal transplantation, 5-10 years there will be life-threatening, according to relevant statistics analysis, renal transplantation in a year
The survival rate was 85%, five year survival rate was 60%, 10 year survival rate is only 1%; kidney transplant surgery to face constraints, shortage of kidney matching difficult and surgical risk factors; the low success rate of renal transplantation, even made a kidney transplant, and
Exclusive phenomenon is still difficult to solve, the patient also need to take anti rejection drugs for life; western medicine to adopt hormone therapy, hormone on the condition of the cover up is strong, side effects are obvious.
Factors in the formation of renal failure.
1 acute renal failure
Usually due to insufficient supply of renal blood flow (such as scratches or burns), kidney obstruction due to certain factors caused by impaired function or by the poison, causing acute renal failure.
2 chronic renal failure
Because of the long-term kidney lesions, with time and disease, kidney function gradually decreased, resulting in renal failure. Once suffering from chronic renal failure in the life of the disease we need to do a good job early, do not ignore governance
Treatment, do not delay the treatment of time, early away from chronic renal failure disease, some of the disease to get rid of the disease is also the most necessary. Also want to do a good job of prevention is positive treatment, the right face of life, extend
Survival rate and quality of life.
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