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Treatment of hydronephrosis in renal failure

2016-12-25 16:54
Renal failure is a chronic kidney disease, renal failure in recent years that the disease took the lives of many patients, so that patients suffering also let the family heavier economic burden, so pay attention to treatment of renal failure diseases methods so we need
To pay attention to the treatment of renal failure, then we ask kidney experts to tell us about renal failure treatment in the end what?
What are the treatments for renal failure
1 etiology treatment
Treatment of the causes of renal failure such as insufficient blood supply or loss of blood, patients will be given to supplement the lost body fluids and water; if there is infection when the infection for further treatment.
2 diet
The diet on renal failure patients, renal damage due to food, eat into the body, toxins and waste generated, not normally excreted, so it is necessary to pay special attention in the diet, avoid negative body
3 renal function
Because the kidney has lost its function, so the doctor will use temporary dialysis mode (commonly known as dialysis), to help rid the body of toxins and waste; patients with acute renal failure if you do not receive appropriate treatment or control, let the disease by acute evolution
Chronic renal failure, it may be due to uremia and life-long dialysis.
Dialysis is the selective removal of certain substances in the blood by filtration. In other words, through the artificial way the patient in renal failure after the accumulation of toxic waste, water and salt removed, so that the patient's physical condition back to health
State. There are currently two forms of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is a special machine instead of kidney function. Peritoneal dialysis is the use of human peritoneum as a filter to eliminate toxins in the body.
4 kidney transplantation
Some patients with end-stage kidney failure, requiring long-term dialysis treatment, for patients in itself, kidney transplantation (kidney) can bring a better quality of life for patients; but the transplant is a big project, although the current medical technology has been quite
Well, still need to do a lot of beforehand assessment, in order to improve the probability of successful kidney transplant.
Kidney transplantation refers to the process of transplanting an organ donor's kidney into a transplant patient. Possible source of kidney: family, spouse, close friend or brain dead and who agreed to donate organs. Of course
The most matched kidneys are usually derived from the recipient's siblings because their genes are most likely to cooperate. Kidney transplantation is the best way to treat kidney failure, because the kidneys that are transplanted into the patient can almost completely
Instead of exhausted kidney function, so that patients live a normal life. Because of the long-term kidney lesions, with time and disease, kidney function gradually decreased, resulting in renal failure.
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