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How to treat chronic renal failure to avoid death

2016-12-25 16:18
How to treat chronic renal failure to avoid death? We know that chronic renal failure will seriously damage the health of everyone, in order to avoid the disease harm, we need to correctly understand the disease, active treatment, active prevention, right in the face of life, and active treatment of chronic renal failure, so how to avoid death treatment? Next to you in detail look, look at the treatment of kidney disease treatment, prolong the survival rate, increase the quality of life.
Chronic renal failure, also known as chronic renal failure, uremia, as happened in the late stage of chronic kidney disease is a clinical syndrome, its metabolite retention, water and electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, severe renal lesion. According to the degree of renal damage is different, can be divided into renal renal insufficiency, decompensated period, azotemia (also called renal failure early, Early Uremia) and end-stage renal failure (also called uremia late four).
How to treat chronic renal failure to avoid death:
(1) general treatment: general treatment including diet, nutritional therapy, the stability of the internal environment to maintain and symptomatic treatment. Low protein diet and balanced diet, is the most basic and effective measures should be adjusted according to the situation. Rhubarb and its preparation can improve the high metabolic state of healthy kidney tissue, reduce residual renal hypertrophy, inhibit mesangial cell increment and so on.
(2) replacement therapy: replacement therapy, including gastrointestinal dialysis, straight colon dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, skin dialysis, etc.. According to the condition and indications. This year, there are advocates early start dialysis prevention, may be more favorable for prevention and treatment of disease.
(3) angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors such as: the use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, such as captopril, enalapril, lower blood pressure and glomerular sclerosis, reduce proteinuria; long-term use of sodium bisulfate, can correct acidosis, reduce the formation of protein and uric acid metabolism, improve ammonia; application of phosphate binder and low phosphorus diet, are conducive to the development of the slow process of chronic renal failure.
(4) renal transplantation: the treatment of renal transplantation is one of the most effective methods to treat end-stage renal failure.
Patients with nephropathy should be aware of the relevant nephropathy treatment, active treatment, face life correctly, prolong survival rate, improve quality of life.
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