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kidney disease check Mo forget B super

2017-03-03 15:03

Ultrasound as a rapid development of medical imaging tools, because of its high census rate, low fees, the rapid and effective diagnosis of many diseases, kidney examination is particularly important, can not be replaced by imaging tools.

In terms of nephritis or nephrotic syndrome, the size of the long axis of the kidney, the strength of the echo, the clarity of the medullary medulla is an important reference for judging the condition.

In addition, urinary ultrasound can also be found:

1, kidney cancer

Renal cancer is the most common type of kidney cancer, adult common for renal cell carcinoma, ultrasound examination of renal occupying lesions with a strong specificity, especially for small kidney tumor detection, often in the absence of Any symptoms when the physical examination found that the timely treatment of better prognosis. Renal cyst is the most common clinical cystic kidney disease, mainly seen in adults.

2, renal cysts

The incidence of renal cysts and age have a certain correlation, the incidence increased with age, 30 years ago, rare, 3 years after the more common, 45 years later gradually increased, more than 60 years old more common. More men than women. Generally no clinical symptoms, often due to abdominal B-ultrasound, physical examination was not intended to be found. Sometimes there may be hematuria, local pain, renal descent and secondary infection.

3, polycystic kidney disease

Adult polycystic kidney disease is an autosomal dominant genetic disease, mostly bilateral disease, when the kidneys in the normal size or slightly larger, with the age of the number and size of cysts are gradually increased, most of the symptoms after the age of 30, Can develop to uremia.

?4, hamartoma

Renal hamartoma is a benign tumor of the kidney, based on hamartoma for vascular smooth muscle lipoma pathological changes in the organizational structure changes, it has a characteristic of the sonogram performance.

5, kidney stones and hydronephrosis

Hydronephrosis after urinary tract obstruction occurred in the renal pelvis and urine retention, kidney enlargement and renal parenchymal atrophy.

?Ultrasound diagnosis technology is simple, non-invasive, and no special preparation, easy follow-up, high diagnostic rate, early detection of disease, early diagnosis, early treatment, reduce complications have important clinical significance.


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