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What are the main points of treatment of hypertensive nephro

2017-03-02 13:49

Hypertension and kidney disease for many friends must not be unfamiliar, but also in the occurrence of these two diseases have great relevance. Hypertensive nephropathy is usually referred to as the cause of primary hypertension caused by benign arteriolar sclerosis (also known as hypertensive renal arteriolar sclerosis) and malignant renal arteriolar sclerosis disease. Clinical manifestations include not only the symptoms of hypertension, but also renal failure.

How to treat hypertensive nephropathy with active treatment to control blood pressure

As a result of hypertensive nephropathy and abnormal blood pressure has a great relationship, so Hypertension Nephropathy must actively control the treatment of hypertension. In addition to the patient's condition to choose the appropriate antihypertensive drugs, but also pay attention to the nursing of hypertension. Not only to stay away from negative emotions, taboo overwork, eating too full, dry stool, drug abuse, and diet, balanced diet, drinking water scientifically, diet should be light, reduce the amount of salt.

The treatment of renal hypertension and renal disease

Due to high blood pressure have great influence on the kidney, so do foot care on kidney, kidney eat food, tea, medicine and other drugs. If high blood pressure has led to certain diseases. Then the focus of treatment must also improve the remission of nephrotic syndrome. Due to the differences of inpidual constitution and the stage of hypertensive nephropathy, the treatment must be combined with the patient's condition, with the protection, restoration, promotion and strengthening of the body's own immune ability as the main treatment focus.


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