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Chinese medicine treatment of nephropathy

2017-02-21 14:26

Refer to Chinese medicine treatment of diseases, and most people think of the decoction of herbal medicine,and only the thought of traditional Chinese medicine decoction, but Chinese medicine is extensive and profound. It has a variety of treatment methods of  diseases , in addition to oral and topical, both play an important role in treatment by drugs, but also on the human body in physical stimulation caused the self regulating ability, according to different symptoms, treatment can always find the corresponding method.

 Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine: refers to the Chinese herbs, or coarse boiling water or sorking by boiling water , tdrug residue

  and the liquid preparation, because of its flexible formula to adapt to the needs of TCM syndrome differentiation, so for thousands of years in use today. Decoction of Chinese medicine is one of the most ancient form of Chinese medicine, in the clinical application of the most extensive, but must emphasize that traditional Chinese medicine must first go through the correct differentiation, of course with the control of the disease can accelerate the disease of drug improvement, instead taking drugs not suitable, it will not only have bad treatment effect,but also even lead to more seriou condition.

Kidney disease patients need to take medicine conditioning, and also should go to the regular hospital to find a doctor's prescription medication, the hearsay must be treated with caution, the treatment that is suitable for others maybe not be suitable for their own. There are also some patients who are worried about the traditional Chinese medicine on the kidney is not good, and think they can not drink Chinese medicine with kidney disease, which is a wrong understanding. In fact, as long as with the right medication dose, almost any patients can eat Chinese medicine.

 Sticking therapy: Based on the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicinece, apply Chinese herbal preparation to the skin,orificesof kidney, acupoints and other parts of the lesion, which belongs to the traditional Chinese medicine external treatment, and it is easier to learn and promote, it is very safe to use it and with minimal side effects, it is a important topic that we should learn and study it carefully.

 The application of sticking therapy is wide, such as the dog day moxibustion therapy is one application therapy of the treatment.By sticking drugs to stimulate acupuncture points,the treatment effect is very good with a specific time. For kidney disease, multi target transdermal therapy is also an excellent therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine therapy,it can effectively block the kidney damage, repair damaged tissue cells,and help restore renal function.

 The traditional Chinese medicine enema: refers to the use of catheter insertion anus rectal colon perfusion liquid, to exhaust,to stimulate peristalsis, to soften and remove feces, then cooling and dilution of intestinal endotoxin, and reduce the absorption effect. in ancient times, enama is one of the means of detoxification in Hydro Palace . Patients with chronic renal failure will get many benefits from enema, it can increase the excretion of toxins through the stool, reduce the burden on the kidneys, so as to play a role in the recovery of renal function. If the poop becomes more than before after enema, and there is sinking feeling,then it should be suspended or reduced.

Acupuncture: acupuncture is synthesis of acupuncture and moxibustion, stitch needle at a certain point stab into the body of the patient,and  use twist and lift and thrust manipulation of acupuncture to treat diseases; moxibustion is use burning moxa with certain acupoint to fumigate skin and use thermal stimulation to treat diseases. Acupuncture is a Chinese specific method for the treatment of diseases, conduction through the meridians and acupoints in the treatment of systemic diseases.

In addition, there are fumigation therapy, massage therapy, diet therapy, qigong Tai Chi, and so on, here is not a presentation. If you have any other questions, you can leave us a message or contact us.


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