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Three drawbacks of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of

2017-02-18 13:50

With the continuous development of kidney disease, more and more specialized hospitals are rapidly rising, and give full play to their own advantages

Gradually occupy a place in the medical market, the traditional medical mode of treatment, the formation of the momentum of resistance.

Practice has proved that there have been many kidney specialist hospital with its unique treatment, outstanding medical services to win more and more

Patient attention and recognition. In particular, the hospital can not solve the medical problems encountered in the traditional mode, but only

According to the traditional conservative method to solve when the hospital is inventive, developed a new therapeutic approach for the majority.

Patients with new options and references.

From the point of view of treatment of kidney disease, the traditional medical treatment of the following drawbacks:

First of all, under the traditional medical model, doctors emphasize western medicine treatment. They focus on the patient

Treatment, but the protection of residual renal units.

Under the traditional medical model, doctors tend to use advanced instruments as the most scientific testing tools

Have a prejudice, that the Chinese medicine diagnosis "no cure". It is precisely because of this bias that many patients will lead to time and disease

Delays in the treatment of Western medicine, delay the best time for treatment of kidney disease. To put it simply, these doctors have been put into a "cure"

The misunderstanding of "no standard". As a result of patients with nephrotic syndrome, which is an immunosuppressive disease, is due to immune complex

Complex abnormal deposition in the glomerular basement membrane, damaged glomerular basement membrane leads to protein leakage, edema disease

Like. Western medicine often adhere to treatment with hormone shock, not long after, the patient's edema disappeared, and even urine protein may also turn

Yin, on the surface, it seems that the cure of kidney disease, it can not take long, but also can not spend much money. Hormone but not

Can be removed, even if slowly removed, little attention will immediately rebound nephropathy. The reason for this is simple

The hormone changes the structure of some kidney tissue, but the result of external force, but it does not damage the kidneys

Small ball basement membrane plays a role in the repair of a long time, once the hormone is not used properly, can only lead to more protein

The leakage of more serious illness. And if from the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the repair of damaged kidney tissue, and then to stimulate

Treatment, its effect is undoubtedly the best.

Secondly, the emphasis on hospital treatment, but not on the consolidation of hospital care

Pay close attention to the treatment of patients in hospital, it seems that only patients in the hospital is the object of their treatment, will be

The door out of hospital patients after the patient is Everything will be fine., better or worse and they no longer have any.

Lian. In fact, the discharged patients nursed back to health is a very important part, if patients can properly nursed back to health, calm

Secure life for many years, no one can tell the importance of patients nursed back to health, they may persist for a period of time in the hospital

Feeling no serious, to stop their own drugs, or reduce the amount of drugs, who do not know this is extremely easy to cause the recurrence of the disease

. Some patients do not know that some foods can not eat, even if the result of eating a little bit is likely to lead to repeated illness. Xu

Many patients outside the hospital is due to improper maintenance to malignancy, three palace or even more repeated treatment. It really is

The doctor's mistake is the doctor's duty.

Finally, emphasis on efficacy, contempt diet

"Eat can cure?" The traditional medical model of doctors in some patients if they think sniff at.

Even the disease of advanced equipment, advanced medicine can not cure, the patients must endure only incurable, for the moment

Fate. In the treatment of many specialist hospitals, but also the patient's diet is also taking into account the treatment plan, adjuvant

Routine treatment of patients. For example, the Gorgon ginkgo porridge on urinary protein continues have very good effect, Cheng chives shredded meat bread

Dumplings, sugar yam paste Weicheng can help patients with renal failure to overcome the disease supply of high quality protein. In fact, if you insist on strict

Diet therapy, some patients with mild illness can not recover medication. In clinical treatment, we often suffer from

Out of a number of therapeutic side of the kidney, the general hospital for patients after discharge at home adjuvant therapy, years of clinical practice shows that this

Diet side of the patient's condition remission and improvement to take an unexpected effect.

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