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In daily life, these 7 kinds of behavior can injure the kidn

2017-02-17 16:28

Do you still think kidney disease has nothing to do with you? Survey shows that 10 people in our country, there are about 1 people with kidney disease, and now more and more kidney tends to younger, in the daily life of young people often do these 7 acts to make the kidney is very hurt"......
Excessive fatigue
More and more young nephropathy, mainly in the state of fatigue, coupled with work, mental stress, easy to cause resistance to decline, and ultimately lead to bacterial, viral infection, causing kidney damage.
We eat food every day, and the final metabolic waste, such as uric acid and urea nitrogen, creatinine, etc., need to be excreted. Therefore, overeating will certainly increase the burden on the kidneys.
Don't drink water
The daily amount of drinking enough water, not water, can prevent urinary tract infection, kidney stones are not easy to happen.
Cold, sore throat when small
The throat and tonsils and other sites in streptococcal infection, if not promptly and effectively control infection, it may have induced nephropathy in 1~4 weeks. In particular, the group A beta hemolytic streptococcal infection, should be immediately cured, to avoid the initiation of glomerulonephritis.
Often eat painkillers
Many women will choose to eat painkillers when dysmenorrhea, but most of these painkillers are nephrotoxic. If used for a long time, the probability of serious injury to the kidney is high, and the damage caused by the kidney is irreversible.
High blood pressure
Not to control the long-term high blood pressure, will not stop the destruction of renal arteries and microvessels, easily lead to glomerular "three high" phenomenon, resulting in glomerulosclerosis and renal interstitial fibrosis and loss of renal function.
Blood glucose control
Diabetes is serious and long, glomerular sclerosis, fibrosis, leading to a sharp decline in renal function, the development of diabetic nephropathy. Therefore, the family has diabetes, had a large child and other high-risk groups, to pay more attention to the prevention of diabetes; diabetic patients to control blood sugar in a stable state, to minimize the burden on the kidneys.
The kidney is an important metabolic organ of our human body, only we seriously care, it can be the body of toxins in our normal "metabolism" out, so that the kidney injury of the 7 kinds of bad habits you account for several? Don't you take kidney disease seriously?

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