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Curing disease kind of thing, I only listen to what experts

2017-02-16 11:42

Mr. Lin Hebei Baoding in medical units to check out 2+, 2+ urine protein, urine occult blood, the doctor is considered nephritis, let him go to the hospital for further examination.
He went to the city's first central hospital, it was found that not only nephritis is so simple, but the development of uremia in the end stage of nephritis.
Creatinine should cause nausea, dizziness and other symptoms, but Mr. Lin said he had never had those symptoms.
The doctor asked him, since it is a unit of physical examination, when the last examination is? Is there anything unusual?
Mr. Lin said that this year, the unit began to organize a group of physical examination, before they are issued a number of medical subsidies, go to the hospital for medical examination, but he has never been to......
The doctor said that the current situation, only dialysis.
Dialysis is not enough, how to do?
After dialysis a few times, Mr. Lin did not feel any change, see the test sheet on the creatinine value, as if the change is not large, he can not help but start to consider whether the doctor is justified.
In the family's suggestion, he went to Beijing, in several hospitals, and she has learned through chat, this kind of situation is really only dialysis.
But there are some exceptions.
The patient said, people treated with traditional Chinese medicine in tongshantang hospital, although also need dialysis, but reduce the number of dialysis, dialysis interval prolonged, the index is also very stable, do not need to stay in hospital for a total.
The patients only heard, do not know is not true.
Who says what makes sense, I listen to who
Do not know is not true? Why don't you go and have a look?
I heard there is hope, Mr. Lin is tempted, now the car came to tongshantang hospital.
Or go to the ward to find patients chat, this is similar to the "spy", let him get a lot of information.
Really is the main treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, can really lengthen the dialysis interval, and even patients have two years without dialysis.
What really made him decide to stay was a doctor.
Asked a few patients, he pulled a doctor, intends to listen to more professional advice. The doctor gave him a simple explanation of the real causes of kidney disease, as well as the principle of traditional Chinese medicine to clean up the blood toxin, let him hear the bright spot, immediately decided to hospitalization.
A month later, creatinine dropped to 696 moI/L, which is beyond his expectations.
Dialysis has now been reduced to once a week, and creatinine levels have been as low as 177 moI/L. The doctor told him, and then consolidate the traditional Chinese medicine for a period of time, such as creatinine stabilized at 400 moI/L or less, you can bid farewell to dialysis.
It turned out that dialysis is to achieve this.

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