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Whose hands does uremic patients’ destiny was hold in on th

2017-02-16 11:28

Live in Henan Xinyang Mary, in 2003 he was diagnosed with chronic nephritis, after more than and 10 years of treatment, is now in the local hospital of dialysis.
Fortunately, all people did not give up, more importantly, the family's economic conditions are good, so that they have the confidence to continue treatment.
First disagreement
Continued treatment is correct, but where to treat it?
Mary with parents' opinions are different: she wanted to try the private hospital, but parents firmly believe in public hospitals.
"The hospital is a lie," parents earnestly advised her: "you didn't watch TV newspaper? Every day someone cheated."
Mary not to regard it as right she believes that public hospitals, but also spend a lot of money but no effect, but because of the "public" aura, so people don't feel cheated. Private hospitals to survive, it is impossible to rely entirely on cheating, right?
Second opinion pergence
Mary with the largest differences in parents, "can not go to tongshantang hospital for treatment".
For private hospitals this Mary's parents get both praise and blame, compare the value of negative information, the so-called There are no waves without wind., if you didn't do anything wrong, how could so many people say they are ill?
Mary chose to believe, because she is Doctor Zhang consulted the hospital on the Internet, the phone is still in the ditch through several times. The doctor said that Mary felt very detailed, very reasonable.
Such as "immune complexes", before there was a big hospital experts mentioned, but did not explain in detail, Dr. Zhang not only explained the immune complexes on the failure process of the kidney, also explained the specific measures to clean up. Mary check the relevant data, found that these explanations are reasonable.
How do you know?
After Mary tried to persuade, the parents agreed to accompany her to tongshantang hospital to "try", but they made it a condition that the treatment of 10 must let them see the effect.
In this regard, Dr. Zhang is not worried. Because the hospital had prescribed treatment for 7 to 10 days must have the effect, otherwise it is necessary to punish the competent doctor - they are simply not the same conditions.
For Mary this long-term dialysis serum creatinine but no significant drop in the "old" patient, Doctor Zhang will focus on the treatment to improve renal microcirculation.
Through the stimulation of traditional Chinese medicine on the kidney, foot behind Shenshu Point, plus conditioning fumigation and oral medicine, Mary obviously felt love sweating.
I feel the sweat, make her feel very hungry after a foot, ask mother not to eat when mom was excited to tears......
10 days later, Mary's parents are very satisfied with this answer, I decided to stay for a period of time.
Of course, the most proud of is Mary, her vision was satisfied.

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