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What matters do uremic patients in dialysis pay attention to

2017-02-14 18:01

What are the most important aspects of uremia patients with uremia?. Uremic patients per million population in the new discovered in our country the incidence rate of about 96 to 100, of which 80% are young people, seriously affected people's health and life safety.
In the past 30 years, a lot of research work has been done on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of uremia.
Uremia patients in the dialysis need to note what? Uremia in the clinic is more serious, and even can be fatal for a kidney disease. In recent years, there are many ways to treat uremia in clinic. In order to improve the therapeutic effect, to achieve the purpose of treatment, in the course of treatment or daily life should be health measures. The following is the health care knowledge you need for dialysis uremic patients:
1, uremia patients after dialysis need appropriate exercise, try to maintain adequate rest and sleep;
2, prevent infection, in daily life to develop good health habits; to prevent the infection of various germs;
3, patients should develop the habit of defecation on time, do not constipation, if necessary, you can take a soft stool;
4, self observation without external bleeding situation, urine color, the skin has no bleeding and ecchymosis;
5, maintain a happy home life; if there is any emergency and discomfort occurs, should be immediately to the outpatient and emergency department prosecution, or contacts with dialysis center.

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