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What happens when chronic renal failure bleeds?

2016-12-25 09:53
Patients with kidney health effects of severe disease renal failure, renal failure in the disease when we sick to do scientific treatment, because this disease will give patients bring a lot of pain, timely treatment and nursing is very critical, Xiaobian to tell the story of how the treatment of chronic renal failure after hemorrhage is good.
Kidney failure diet: diet. Human wastes is mainly excreted through kidney, due to impairment of renal function in patients with chronic renal failure is a progressive development, will lead to metabolic waste retention, waste and the role of the body of each organ system, aggravating illness. Chronic renal failure patients with a reasonable diet, help to reduce the retention of metabolic waste, delaying the process and deterioration of chronic renal failure. For patients with renal failure, in the treatment of renal failure, should follow the principles of treatment of renal failure, in the diet to human essential amino acids and more animal protein based, adult daily protein intake of about 30g.
Removing predisposing factors: patients should be removed due to various causes such as acute kidney failure, vomiting, fever, electrolyte imbalance and drug induced renal toxicity is not uncommon.
Correction of metabolic acidosis in patients with toxic substances should be avoided, by correcting water, electrolyte imbalance improved, also be added with sodium bicarbonate, daily 4 ~ 8g, 2 ~ 4 times a day.
The general treatment method for patients with renal failure should be strengthened for the treatment of kidney disease, with medical treatment work actively, in life to reduce the work, to avoid the cold, wet and overwork, prevent colds, without kidney damage drugs.
Kidney transplantation: some patients with end-stage kidney failure, requiring long-term dialysis treatment, for patients in itself, kidney transplantation (kidney) can bring a better quality of life for patients; but in kidney transplant before increases the chance for successful kidney transplant.
Hope in the later life when the occurrence of renal failure disease, do not delay the treatment time, wish every kidney failure patients can face up to their disease.
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