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By doing this you can reduce the amount of hormone while not

2017-02-13 17:04

66 years ago, the 1950 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to the American people for their significant achievements in the development of the drug, a major achievement in the study of hormones that are commonly used in patients with kidney disease.

The drug does have an effect, in general, the patient will be significantly improved after taking hormones. But every coin has two sides, and the hormone does more harm.

Doctors worry:

Glucocorticoid in the inhibition of inflammation, reduce symptoms, but also reduces the body's defense function, the possibility of bacterial infection is greater, so the amount of effective antibacterial drugs ready.

Why is the body's defense function down by hormones? Kidney disease is the body of toxins and the immune system fights all day to break the kidneys, which is immune inflammatory reaction. As soon as the hormone arrives, they are not able to fight, and the kidney damage is reduced, but the immune system is suppressed. Low immunity can cause many unpredictable risks.

Patients will worry:

Not only will eat a full moon face, stretch marks, acne and other symptoms affect the appearance, and hormones seem to reduce to a certain extent, the disease will relapse.

Know what hormones are used, then relapse is well understood. Hormones can give toxins and the immune system to fight, but they have always stood face to face a reduction in the amount of hormone, look at fiercely as a tiger does, they will fight again, immune inflammation continues. After hormone is stopped, the symptom is to be able to disappear, but the key is to reduce a quantity with respect to relapse, cannot stop drug, the symptom disappears is not empty talk?

Doctors worry about internal pathology, patients worry about external condition, while eating drug won the Nobel prize, but who eat all don't worry.

If you have choices, believe that western medicine is definitely not contradiction selective inhibition of toxin and immunity, but directly to the toxins do not clean out, but the latter to.

At this time, the advantages of Chinese medicine show out, clean up the toxins is the Chinese medicine special skills. We can take the traditional Chinese medicine as the main method to clean up the toxins in the blood. In the initial stage of treatment, the hormone is used to suppress the immune inflammatory response, and then the hormone is reduced. Hormone reduction, while toxins are excreted. And so on the toxin platoon is similar, the immunity inflammation also did not have, that also uses the hormone to do? You go!

Traditional Chinese medicine, the body will be adjusted to the best state, and constantly repair the damage caused by western medicine to the body, so that the maximum therapeutic effect, but also to ensure the stability and safety of treatment.

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