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What is the traditional Chinese medicine that treats kidney

2016-12-25 09:41
When suffering from renal failure of this serious disease, we should not ignore the treatment, only do early detection and early treatment is the key to the rehabilitation of the disease, but the treatment for kidney failure, many people do not understand, the disease
I don't know what to do, what are the traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of renal failure?
1, Cordyceps
Can decrease BUN and SCr levels, and increase the plasma protein content and improve nutritional status, promote the repair and regeneration of renal tubular epithelial cells, protein and amino acids, correct the disorder of lipid metabolism, improve immunity, protect and restore
Renal function, prevention of secondary infection.
2, rhubarb
Can reduce the serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen levels, improve lipid metabolism, inhibiting renal tubular epithelial cell hypertrophy and hyperplasia, reduce high cell metabolism and glomerular hyperfiltration, and can inhibit the renal compensatory hypertrophy, reduce glomerular sclerosis, reduction
Light residual kidney high metabolism state, delay the progress of chronic renal failure.
3, Salvia miltiorrhiza
Can significantly reduce the content of BUN and SCr, improve SCr, BUN clearance and filtration, improve survival rate, improve renal blood supply, reduce kidney damage.
4, Astragalus
Can obviously enhance cellular immunity and humoral immunity, increase the body resistance and the phagocytic function of reticuloendothelial system, improve the rate of protein synthesis, decrease the levels of SCr and free radicals, and can increase the clearance of free radicals, improve the kidney
Dirty function.
5, Lei Gongteng
Similar to corticosteroids, but no side effects of hormone, hormone, characteristics and effect of cyclosporine and other immunosuppressive effect is completely different, by inducing apoptosis in T cells, cell cycle control and inhibition of IL2 and T, did not block the fine
Cell receptor (TCR) is a new class of immunosuppressive drugs.
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