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tongshantang nephropathy hospital how to treat kidney diseas

2017-02-07 14:29

The treatment of our hospital, with the words of the general said: "detoxification therapy". Clear blood toxin therapy".

The biggest feature of the therapy is through the use of Chinese medicine, a large number of toxins accumulate through big and small can effectively remove the skin and sweat glands to in vitro, to create a good environment and conditions for the application of self healing in patients with kidney disease and other drugs.

I was able to find the hospital cleaning the body endotoxin therapy in our hospital, the source of the dozens of Chinese experts for decades to treat kidney experience and theory test, and repeated and classic Chinese medicine prescription, medical records, hospital expert group after years of repeated improvement, only at the end of 2014, the real implementation of the technology of the comprehensive mature.

The core technology is still based on the traditional Chinese medicine therapy and combination of kidney stasis, herbal medicine, truly and effectively remove the kidney inflammation.

This therapy has a definite effect on the treatment of chronic kidney disease, especially in the treatment of intractable edema and intractable proteinuria. Not only can let the refractory edema elimination, can also make the refractory urinary protein negative. The application of the therapy, so that countless patients have been reborn, and attracted a large number of foreign patients to our hospital for treatment.

6, kidney disease patients in the treatment should pay attention to matters.

First, to avoid misdiagnosis and mistreatment. Chronic kidney disease is a difficult disease, the pathogenesis is complex, the diagnosis is very difficult, and the treatment means is lack, especially prone to misdiagnosis and mistreatment. To this end, in the course of treatment of chronic kidney disease, we must find a highly professional hospital and doctors for accurate diagnosis. Because only accurate diagnosis, it is possible to avoid mistreatment.

Due to our focus on detoxification treatment, therefore, pay special attention to the following special inspection in our hospital diagnosis index: the redox state index (SOD); the immune state index (lymphocyte subsets and immune ten, vitamin D); the toxins index (blood lipids and blood glucose, serum creatinine, blood uric acid, blood urea and the level of inflammatory factors and coagulation).

Two is to find an effective treatment plan. Requirements for the treatment of chronic kidney disease on the technical level is high, there is no solid foundation is difficult to complete the whole course of treatment, so please nephropathy patients seeking treatment, must be cautious to choose. So far, western medicine in the treatment of chronic kidney disease has not found an effective means. If the treatment is effective, only in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine to find experienced, skilled hospitals or experts to treat.

Three is to find an effective treatment, we must adhere to treatment, for a one-time cure. In the course of treatment, it is especially important to closely cooperate with the doctor's treatment, follow the doctor's arrangement, in strict accordance with the prescribed medication, and timely referral, timely review, in order to avoid the recurrence of the disease, causing a greater loss.

The four is to strengthen the confidence of the treatment, not restricted by Medicare and other objective factors, not because of funding problems and curative effect, the recovery should be transformed into incurable disease.

Five is to mobilize the family support treatment, in order to alleviate the psychological pressure of patients.

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