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What are the treatment methods of pediatric nephritis

2017-02-07 14:28

1, the early application of hormone treatment, using oral prednisone, a daily dose of 1. 7mg/kg to 2mg/kg, the amount can not exceed 60mg/, negative after hormone reduction time, method is very important, in order to prevent relapse, generally by the transitional reduction method.

2, to prevent children with large doses of children growth hormone effect, in the treatment process must be combined with calcium, Cod Liver Oil so as not to affect the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, but also pay attention to the influence of other children with endocrine and nervous system, such as the children can appear restless and irritable, or with disease.

3, emphasizing the importance of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, Chinese medicine in the treatment of kidney disease can play a role in the following: the role of direct elimination of protein; anti western medicine side effects of the role of the prevention of repeated infection; three. Many kidney disease experts have reached a consensus, the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of kidney disease, the effect is better than pure western medicine treatment, in addition to the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the role of care of the spleen and stomach.

4, application of cyclophosphamide should fully consider the impact on children of gonadal development, should according to the children's age, gender, medication time, avoid children after infertility, but also should pay attention to the other side effects of cyclophosphamide on children's physiology, psychology, but also pay attention to the quantity and the speed of infusion of water, so as to avoid the occurrence of pain.

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