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Stop incretion! He can do it. So can you!

2017-02-06 17:17

2 years ago, Mr. Cui discovered that he got nephrotic syndrome, receiving treatment in the home of Shanxi, Linfen. The treatment was simple:

Hormone therapy, 12 tablets

Reduced to three or four, recurrence

No, it's not for the hospital

12 hormones to fight again

Three or four for relapse

Repeat the above

Mr. Cui think, then 12 pieces of hormone, estimated or recurrence, my body can withstand several relapse? I don't know what to do.

Mr. Cui's classmates have a sister, is the purpura kidney, the original treatment here. See her well, just try.

It was July 2015, Mr. Cui swollen badly, ordinary shoes do not go in, only wearing baggy slippers. Don't let him get on the train, on the grounds that he eats hormones that lead to the "full moon face," and the ID card is not a person.

No wonder he has a severe edema, 24 hours urine protein quantitation 5.73g.


More than and 10 days later, urine protein and occult blood were normal.


24 hour urine protein quantitation 0.09g

For this result, Mr. Cui's protein disappeared many times unmoved either by gain or loss, and used to see. To his delight, the hormone was reduced to three or four

No recurrence!

Then continue to reduce. Three months ago, according to the drug regimen, the hormone stopped. Now various side effects of hormones have disappeared, and after the withdrawal, urine protein is still normal:


Although Mr. Cui also can not do heavy work, but two or three years after the body completely recovered, they can do the things they want to do.

Primary simple nephrotic syndrome as long as adhere to regular treatment in the regular hospital department of nephropathy, basically cured. The cure is basically running around, looking for folk prescription it. Treatment of secondary nephrotic syndrome depends on the incidence of the disease. The treatment process is very simple, according to the requirements of the doctor on the line, not how to spend money, edema in acute phase requirements of control water and salt intake, edema subsided can normal diet, usually pay attention to avoid fatigue and cold on the line.

1 kidney comprehensive attention should be paid to the balance of protein intake of 2 kidney should be more comprehensive light diet. 3 nephritic diet should have taboos: should limit the stimulation effect on the kidney of the food, such as pepper, mustard, etc.; should use high calorie foods rich in vitamin A, C food (sugar free food); for serious edema and oliguria in nephrotic patients, access should be appropriate to limit water.

Why Mr. Cui has such a good long-term efficacy? Point here is the same as the traditional Chinese medicine, but not the same "traditional Chinese medicine", the need for standardized treatment of kidney disease

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