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The treatment of acute renal failure with polyuria and rehab

2017-02-06 14:38

Treatment of polyuria

When the 24 hour urine volume of more than 400 ml, that is, into the polyuria period, indicating that the renal parenchyma began to repair. The polyuria period is pided into two stages, i.e., from 24 hours to more than 400 ml of blood glucose to the blood of non protein nitrogen began to decline in the early stages of polyuria. During this period, due to relatively poor renal function recovery, less water discharged from the solute, absorption is less, so the blood chemistry changes not only not improved, sometimes the blood concentration of non protein nitrogen increased, so the period and oliguria in the treatment is basically the same. From the beginning of non protein nitrogen decreased to the normal value of the late period of polyuria. In this period, the general situation of patients began to gradually improve, appetite, but due to the loss of water and electrolytes, if not timely supplement will bring a series of complications. To this end, the treatment of this period is mainly:

1 to maintain the balance of water: patients in the urine during most of the program is in a state of excessive water, so with the arrival of the polyuria period, so that their excessive discharge of water, in order to achieve a new balance. The supplement of liquid should be according to the amount of urine 1/3 ~ 2/3 can be, if according to the amount of urine supplement, will make the polyuria period.

2 maintain electrolyte balance: with the discharge of water, there will be a lot of electrolyte loss, it must be timely supplement. General per liter of urine of saline 500 ml, 24 hours urine more than 1500 ml of necessary supplementary potassium.

3 prevention and treatment of infection: the patient is often very weak, very low resistance, easy to infection, must be actively controlled.

4 strengthen nutrition: gradually increase the quality of protein intake, anemia can be serious transfusion.

(four) rehabilitation treatment

Because of the negative balance of protein after acute renal failure is very serious, so the main treatment is to actively supplement nutrition, high protein, high sugar, high vitamin diet. In addition, we should gradually increase the amount of activity, in order to promote the recovery of the function of various organs of the body. The recovery of renal function is usually more than one year.

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