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What are the treatment options for uremia?

2017-02-05 10:26

How to treat uremia? Why it is more and more serious?Actually the most fundamental is the question about treatment ideas, now the nearly all treatments are symptomatic treatment, treat kidney disease, diminish inflammation with anti-inflammatory drugs, seems to be correct, creatinine is uremia typical indicators, the hospital is given priority to reduce creatinine, creatinine is down for a while, but that is not restored, kidney function continues to damage, do not rule out some doctors to solve other symptoms to use drugs with renal toxicity, which is why the uremia patients treated more and more serious.

Then how to treat the uremia? Our experts break the traditional therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, find that the reason causes uremia is the blood contamination.Polluted blood goes through the kidneys and causes kidney cell damage, eventually lead to uremia, this is the beginning of our treatment. The latest scientific research achievements "three kidneys detoxification" core is not the kidney but the blood, antiphlogistic no anti-inflammatory drugs.Start from clearing blood, the blood clean, kidney environment is clean, kidneys would not have sustained damage, can preserve the renal function, finally by dropping creatinine and kidney function complete elimination of inflammation, only in this way can we better stability condition.

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