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Elimination dialysis

2017-02-01 14:12

It was 06 years when there were purpura. At the beginning of Xiaoyu sick so heavy, 3+ urinary protein, the doctor gave him with hormone and cyclophosphamide treatment inhibit inflammation. Although the urine protein has not completely disappeared, but also no symptoms.

Such treatment after a period of time, jade body began to swell up, one day suddenly began to dizziness, convulsions, blood pressure and pressure rise to 200, medical staff rushed to put her into the ICU. The days the body edema, urine volume almost disappeared, the emergence of various complications of renal failure to care outside the mother always on tenterhooks.

Out of danger, the doctor told Xiao's mother, there is no cure, children need dialysis! But Xiaoyu creatinine was more than and 500, not to uremia, mother is not willing to let their children dialysis so fast.

But the doctor gave only two ways: either dialysis, or leave.

When he came to tongshantang hospital for treatment, jade and mother Xinlimeidi: just a step away from uremia, family doctor has said there is no cure. Even if it is not dialysis, it is only a delay time, really can restore it?

The first test results are not optimistic: creatinine 517 mol/L, severe renal failure, as well as anemia and hypertension. The doctors gave her in correction of anemia, acidosis and lower blood pressure, particularly focusing on the protection of the Qing blood therapy on renal function, because she was the doctor in charge of director Lv Pengfei think her kidneys saved.

Three weeks of treatment did not live up to everyone's hard work, her creatinine dropped to 205 mol/L, the impaired renal units have been effectively restored. After 28 days of hospital discharge.

In the following examination, creatinine was about 200, showing a slow decline. These years, Xiaoyu mother would take her to tongshantang hospital this time to review and consolidate the curative effect, creatinine 159 mol/L.

Nearly ten years passed, now Xiaoyu also grew up, who can think of a child has been sentenced to lifelong dialysis doctor girl, now also like a normal happy life, and the doctors together to chat, cheers and laughter.

Jade was the kidney, kidney. Only the environment has changed, her kidneys from a sick, like the blood of the same environment as oil liberated, the kidneys for a normal person's environment, people can be like normal people.

With either primary or secondary, are afraid of acute progress, if can stop, it is best; but there are a lot of people can not find the way to control, only to dialysis. We are very fortunate, jade is the former.







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