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tongshantang nephropathy hospital analysis of kidney diseas

2017-02-01 14:07

Got kidney disease, patients often because of lack of effective treatment condition repeatedly, treatment is particularly important. At present, the treatment of nephropathy is mainly from two aspects of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. So, the treatment of kidney disease in traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, director of the hospital, said Zhao Zhuang, whether it is traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, there is no so-called absolute good and bad, both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have their own advantages.

Chinese medicine or western medicine treatment nephrosis? Jia Zhuang kidney hospital director Zhao introduction: Western medicine in the treatment of kidney disease, most of them will choose hormone or immunosuppressive therapy, although such treatment can quickly see the symptoms disappeared, but the patient's body resistance drops, easily re infected, there is also a part of the patients. In the reduction of hormone after disease will relapse, and even a part of patients, the use of hormones is invalid, the most important is that the side effects of hormone, has a certain degree of distress to the patient.

tongshantang hospital director Zhao said the process of the treatment of kidney disease sometimes is a long and complex, although nephropathy is difficult to treat, but overall, using the method of Chinese medicine treatment of nephropathy effectively, the treatment of kidney disease can be cured. Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease has the following four points need attention:

Regular living habits. Zhuang kidney disease hospital director Zhao suggested that patients with chronic nephritis should develop regular habits, which is conducive to rehabilitation. Should rest in bed, less activity, and maintain indoor air circulation, to prevent colds and other infectious diseases. Attention should be paid to the amount of urine, edema, body weight, body temperature, pulse changes, abnormal timely treatment. Headache, dizziness, blood pressure should be measured, and observe the changes. Such as high blood pressure, oral antihypertensive drugs, pay attention to rest, do not worry, in order to prevent exacerbations.

Moderate exercise. In daily life, many patients believe that the disease does not need to do exercise, as long as the adjustment on the line. This is not, in the treatment of patients with the disease must pay attention to rest, Jia Zhuang kidney hospital director Zhao said, to ensure adequate rest and proper to participate in sports exercise to improve the immune resistance, but not to do strenuous exercise, or be counterproductive.

Care of spirit. Because in the process of treatment, patients suffer some pain, so in treatment for patients with kidney disease, but also pay attention to the spirit. The patients often have varying degrees of depression, tension and some negative emotions. Director of the hospital, director of kidney disease, nursing staff to allow patients to maintain an optimistic and open-minded attitude, establish confidence, with a positive attitude to face the disease and treatment.

tongshantang hospital director Zhao remind patients with kidney heat, beware of cold. In the course of treatment, the disease is the most taboo is a cold, because the patient suffering from a cold, may exacerbate the condition of kidney disease. Therefore, patients should pay attention to changes in temperature, the appropriate increase and decrease of clothing and actively participate in moderate physical exercise in order to increase immunity.



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