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Renal atrophy patients will see

2017-01-31 15:37

First of all thank you one thing, don't ask this question again: I am the renal atrophy, how to treat?

Why so say, because I search book 48 kinds of kidney disease, found in the world, there is no "renal atrophy" the disease...

Open the right way of renal atrophy

Renal atrophy wouldn't occur for no reason, if kidney atrophy, must be caused by other diseases.

1. Is the most common cause of chronic renal failure, creatinine began to rise, the kidney also began to shrink, basic it is bilateral renal atrophy

2. Then there are renal artery stenosis, urinary infection, renal tuberculosis

3. Is the minimum number of kidney innate development

The latter two can be single renal atrophy

So, only said he is renal atrophy, a lot of times this belongs to "invalid information," the doctor after listen to is still a face of meng force.Ask the doctor sick, tell him what kind of disease is caused by the line.

Renal atrophy treatment

For western medicine, the majority of renal atrophy is no cure, because western medicine can restore kidney function so far.Patients with kidney failure, can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Renal artery stenosis by angioplasty, endarterectomy, bypass surgery.

Urinary tract infection: can through the appropriate antimicrobial therapy, and drug sensitive test.

Renal tuberculosis: can use streptomycin, isoniazid and other anti-tuberculosis drugs for treatment.


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