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Don't know what to eat medicine, how to do?

2017-01-28 14:29

Have so some kidney disease patients, their condition is very light, only in asymptomatic occult blood, or urine protein only zero a few grams, some doctors would prescribe the goldwater "placebo" treasure, some simply tell them to pay attention to rest, light diet.

We know that the drugs have side effects, the ideal state is: the curative effect of drugs produced can outweigh the side effects.So, most of the drugs will have a "clinical indications", that is to say, need condition to achieve a certain degree, to drug use.

But do not meet the clinical indications, how should do?

It is usually not drug use.

It is as if we are not going to beat the mosquitoes with anti-aircraft guns, don't use telephone poles to clip vegetables, does not meet the clinical indications of the cases, the medicine can let a person feel overqualified: the curative effect and side effects, is not cost-effective.

So, for medical treatment, has been a "blank area", can't use in the patients of the blank area, often feel overwhelmed.

The anxiety of patients with "blank area", because in the case of knowing with a rare disease, but not want to be treated effectively.

Some people with a ery 1 + for many years, some quantitative although only a fraction of the urine protein, but just can't turn.And these people without exception, all are unhappy to treatment: either there is no drug use, or don't feel with the medicine effect.

The best way to solve

To deal with the problem a lot of, such as diet, such as some proprietary Chinese medicine, such as some nutritional therapy, etc., and even pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, light diet.But these does not reassure patients, because it does not cure.

But this time, it is a good time to clean up the blood and kidney endotoxin in TCM.

In this gap period, the body immunity

Disorder caused by the toxin deposition, protein and occult blood is not serious, then the treatment cost will be less.

Remember when we said the relationship between the costs and benefits?

The earlier treatment, the less money.

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