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What are the diet therapy of chronic uremia

2017-01-28 14:27

So, what are the diet therapy of chronic uremia?Below is related to the answer.

1. RMB ginseng soup: ginseng (or American ginseng) function of yiqi spleen, longan pulp function and blood nerves;For 6 g and longan pulp ginseng 10, boiled internal treatment, patients with chronic renal insufficiency anemia, heart palpitations palpitation, have the effect of yangxue nerves.

2. And jujube soup: ginseng (or American ginseng) function of yiqi spleen, red jujube function of spleen and stomach, with ginseng 6 g and red jujube, a total of boiled drinking.Anemia of chronic renal insufficiency patients, with increased hemoglobin.

3. The millet, jujube, rice bean, yam (fresh) the right amount, add water, boil congee, boil, add right amount eat alkali;Often used;Anemia of chronic renal failure patients taking, invigorating the water and the effect of nourishing blood and stomach.

4. Mulberry honey cream: mulberry have nourishing blood kidney function, honey can run dry blood, with fresh mulberry 100 g (500 g) or avoiding, frying, 250 g with honey extract, used in chronic renal insufficiency of kidney Yin deficiency, insomnia, be agitated.

5. Five juice drink: fresh lotus root function heat cool blood, fresh pear nourish the lung phlegm, fresh radix rehmanniae function heat cool blood, raw sugar cane function helps the spleen and stomach, all these products each 500 g, chopped, with sterile gauze wring juice, used for chronic renal insufficiency patients with nasal bleeding, 2-3 times.

6. Rhubarb 9 grams (research) at the end of the pig bile 6 grams.Pig bile first boiling, add a little water decoction is at the end of the rhubarb to make, make such as mung bean big pills.2 pills each time, three times a day, water pills, the symptom is reduced to 1 pill each time, after cure.Attending traces.

7. Good tea 6 grams, 30 grams of sugar.Drink boiling water, frequency.Attending traces.


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