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tongshantang kidney disease hospital annual commendation con

2017-01-27 16:28

2016 this year, is the focus of tongshantang hospital to achieve a breakthrough in scientific research.

Hospitals rely on a high level of scientific research management, improve the scientific research system, as well as the famous team of experts, through the treatment of intractable edema and refractory proteinuria, and achieved remarkable results.

In January 24, 2017, the Spring Festival is approaching, we have a joyous gathering, held here in 2016 tongshantang hospital awards annual conference summary commendation congress.

Most patient care Award

They are a true portrayal of courage and sacred duty, known as the "worth the life of the people entrusted"

Most patient trust Award

Professional calm, adhere to medical ethics, with perseverance and sweat interpretation of the harmony between doctors and patients

Medical record writing Award

Medical record is an important medical instrument in medical work. The quality of writing is one of the important indexes to measure the quality of medical treatment.

Best efficacy Award

With the effect of winning word of mouth, to the most effective treatment, in the shortest possible time to relieve the pain of the patient.

Outstanding nurse Award

You use the love of life, the practice of Nightingale's promise, when people are the weakest, most debilitating, will affect the most vulnerable time, let the patient irritability, anxiety, loneliness, helplessness, love get comfort.

Scientific Research Award

The last batch of winners, is the guarantee of the efficacy of our hospital!

In the past 2016, the hospital has made a major breakthrough in scientific research, it cannot do without their constant pursuit of innovation; training a large number of scientific research team for the development of hospital services, into a powerful force.

Two thousand and seventeen

2017, is the beginning of the construction of our international hospital group.

The new journey requires all of us to practice and develop together, and we will realize the great goal of spreading Chinese traditional medicine to all parts of the world in the future.

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