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Golden cicada flowers

2017-01-26 17:19


(1) enhance the body's immune regulating function;Adjust lipid metabolism function;Antitumor function;

(2) effect is obvious on chronic renal failure, uremia, gout, reduce the blood and urine creatinine, improving renal function, improve the three tenors (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high cholesterol) .


1, take cicada 10 g (about 7 to 8), put into the container, use cold water to soak the insect body soft.

2, remove the coat and insect body shell, keep worm body and mycelium and wash it.

3, injection water right amount, steam (or boiling), about 40 minutes, pour out the broth to drink.

4, steam injection water (or boiling) 40 minutes again, soup can eat together with the insect body and mycelium.

5, once in the morning and evening.

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