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Peritoneal dialysis

2017-01-26 17:16

"Standard operating procedures"

First, the change of dressings

Change the dressings before the first time of peritoneal dialysis every day.

1, extrusion and observation;

2, pipe shaft and tunnel disinfect 3 times with saline water;

3, around the tunnel portal, disinfecting 4 times with complexing iodine, stay dry.Scope: dressing stick 2-3 cm;

4, dressings, pipe string fixed at least two;


1 > with sterile gloves, strict aseptic processes;

2 > NS after disinfection, dialysis tube need to raise, not on the surface of the skin;

3 > avoid complexing iodine met tunnel and dialysis pipe;

4 > stationary along the pipe bending itself.

Second, content preparation

With the material preparation: peritoneal dialysis fluid, iodine liquid micro cover.

Process: (the following figure)

1, link;2, drainage;3, injection;4, separation.


1 > check dialysate bag sealing;

2 > preheating, slightly lower than normal body temperature (37 ℃ or so).

Third, connecting external short tube

Fourth, drainage filtration liquid of abdominal cavity

1, observation.

Fifth, the injection of peritoneal dialysis fluid

1, add close the fluid pipeline;

2, slow injection, according to the patients pain tolerance adjustment into the fluid volume.

Sixth, separation of joints

1, cover protection with iodine liquid micro joints;

2, accurate peritoneal dialysate remaining quantity and ultra filtrate, and record;

3, the second peritoneal dialysis 4 hours later .

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