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The alternation of 6 hospitals, stop at the traditional Chin

2017-01-16 11:56

  Mr. He from Chengdu, although only two years of nephropathy, but it changed 6 hospitals, the number is quite smooth, but the treatment is difficult......

First hospitals, western medicine: diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome, this disease can not be cured, eat hormone should be able to delay some.

The worse you let me cure? Mr. He didn't take the medicine and turned away.

Western medicine in second hospitals, with the diagnosis. You do not cure this disease, first eat hormones, and then look at the situation adjustment.

Well, Mr. He thought, this time the authority of the big hospital also said that the first rule so.

3 months later, no effect, leave.

Third hospitals, western medicine: Mr. you can control this disease, but hormone treatment is too simple, plus two kinds of proprietary Chinese medicine.

Results 2 months later, creatinine began to enter the renal insufficiency stage. Helpless discharge.

Fourth hospitals, Chinese medicine: before the drug you do not eat, drink Chinese medicine bar, side effects are still small.

This time the blood pressure is getting higher and higher, creatinine rose from 170 to 200, quickly stop drug.

Fifth hospitals, Chinese medicine: you have not been cured before, give you some traditional Chinese medicine bar, the effect is stable, take 2 months later and have a look.

Well, very right, it is very stable, Mr. He ate a year of medicine, creatinine has been 200.

Sixth hospitals, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine: Western medicine, Chinese medicine, proprietary Chinese medicine with a full use.

Early smooth, 3 months later there are edema of lower limbs, creatinine rose from 200 to 223, withdrawal.

When he came to tongshantang hospital, Zhang director asked Mr. He: do you know how to cure your disease?He said did not.

Mr. He's experience is not much, but the understanding of the disease is still very shallow.Mr. He should carefully remember that the knowledge of the director Zhang this time, otherwise inevitably and the results of the above several times.

Mr. He chills, less sweat, no diabetes did not comply with the requirements of dialysis, medicine bath. So Zhang in the four treatment, arranged a medicine bath to Mr. he, the liquid from the body surface penetration into the body, play a role in detoxification and to improve blood circulation.

In the first two weeks to solve the problem of cold, poor appetite, serum creatinine decreased from 230 mol/L to 134 mol/L at the third weeks..

He breathed a sigh of relief: for 6 hospitals, and finally find the right place.

Some things can be blind, such as the ancient emperor turned brand, casually also never mind; but like nephritic this kind of thing, spend money wisely, otherwise, health and money are gone.Clean up all kinds of toxins, improve microcirculation is the same direction.
















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