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Rely on dialysis to live a lifetime?

2017-01-16 13:53

Ms. Li from Hebei, Xingtai, just 35 years old this year. From dawn to dusk every day to work hard for life. But Ms. Lee recently found her black skin without luster, and appetite is also greatly reduced, then she go to the hospital to do a thorough examination. This does not check do not know, a check not. The doctor told her you have a kidney disease and uremia, you must immediately dialysis, if you do not receive treatment, there may be life-threatening.

So, she start her dialysis life, but she did not give up finding other treatment method, went to many hospitals and asked a lot of doctors that tell her is: only by dialysis, otherwise there is no way to cure. Even so, Ms. Lee did not give up, she put the vision of traditional Chinese medicine, the patients of the introduction, she came to our hospital......

Ms. Lee’s creatinine is 582umol/L after dialysis when she come to our hospital, she had dark skin no gloss, but also very thin.

Attending the doctor analyzed her previous cases and present condition, set the treatment plan. The analysis to the Lee glomerular filtration function and no necrosis, as long as the treatment in this section should not protect glomerular necrosis, at the same time, but also the treatment in the brink of death that part of the glomeruli, restore normal function. Of course, the treatment of renal function need to clean up toxins inside and outside the body, and then drug symptomatic treatment.

After a period of treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, Lee felt her body much better than before, creatinine decreased, there is no dialysis, repeated in the doctor's advice, Ms. Lee with Chinese medicine on the hospital

After returning home, her doctor often will give her contact, ask the recent situation, through with her conversation, found her recent condition is not bad......
Continued use of Chinese medicine at home, and after 1 months, her creatinine remained stable.

Not only is the index decreased, also heard Lee's appetite is good and appetite is normal!

Traditional Chinese medicine therapy:

1>Chinese medicine orally: 

Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the profound culture of the motherland, the mild nature of traditional Chinese medicine, so the treatment of disease has its advantages. You can choose the Warming kidney and removing turbidity, removing blood stasis and removing blood stasis and other drugs, such as astragalus root, aconite root, Cordyceps, epimedium,Morinda officinalis, Jiang Banxia, salvia, Plantago, perilla stem, coptis root, rhubarb, angelica, safflower, peach, etc., these drugs can strengthen the body resistance, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, dispelling evil and not a new, healthy qi, improve renal blood flow, reduce blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, correction of acidosis etc..

2>acupoint application: 

acupoint therapy in Chinese medicine has a magical role, which is not the western medicine, acupuncture treatment can also be treated uremia. The rhubarb, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, motherwort, coix seed, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix Kansui processed into coarse powder mixed with sesame oil immersion place casserole boil to paste. Posted on Shenshu and Guanyuan acupoint drug through the skin, penetrate and stimulate acupoints, meridians through direct effects on Shenshu, so as to achieve the effect of warming the kidney, activating, diuresis, voice. The clinical application of this method is very wide, its advantage is not absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal reactions do not occur.

3>traditional Chinese medicine enema: 

Chinese medicine enema is one of the important ways to treat uremia, can promote the body of toxins discharge, especially suitable for patients who can not take drugs. General selection of rhubarb, aconite, raw oysters, tuckahoe, dandelion in Tongfu Xiezhuo, promote the toxins from the intestinal excretion, inhibit protein decomposition, and increase intestinal peristalsis, prevent intestinal absorption, promote the body of toxic substances











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