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Colon dialysis

2017-01-14 16:56

Colon dialysis was to use Chinese medicine with the catharsis function to decoct, high retention enema, purging turbid poison evil in the gut.


Through the rectum to medicated purging toxic phlegm real evil from the human body, make bowel gas unobstructed, foul air drop, recovery of function of spleen and stomach Sheng qing.


1.Use the cathartic drugs Jiantang, standby 

2, fever detoxification products; cold warm yang disease of blood stasis by promoting blood circulation;; anemia should add nourishing medicine.


1, take juice 100ml to 500 ml, ask the patient in the prone position, raise the buttocks, retain more than 1 hours;

2, used 10 days, rest 4 days, for a course of treatment. Sharing three courses for a course of treatment.


The taste of the ammonia in the mouth disappeared, the symptoms of pruritus were relieved, the appetite was improved, anemia was corrected, and the volume of urine increased.


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