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Nephrotic syndrome in children

2017-01-07 16:09

Children, one year and three months old, upper eyelid edema,  the detection of urine protein is three +, the doctor said to be nephrotic syndrome, to use hormone therapy. My child is still small, Is hormone too large image? Must use the hormone? Can it be cured? Really want to get help.

Suggestion one: the hormone can alleviate the nephrotic syndrome in children, can temporarily eliminate protein, reduce swelling, but there are drawbacks. Children is too small, there will be many side effects of hormones, the common is moon face, buffalo back, many pediatric patients face are fat, and it is hard to resume, and also affect child's growth, development and heart health.

Children with nephrotic syndrome can be treated, eliminating edema protein is not the ultimate goal, the key is to find the cause, repair damaged kidney tissue, it is recommended to the regular hospital treatment.

Suggestion two: How long the child is sick? When do you check it? The child is still small, does not recommend the use of hormone, hormone use more than the child's growth and development will have a great impact, hormone only by reducing renal cell permeability to prevent the leakage of proteins, the effect is not long. It can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine, but must be based on differentiation of symptoms and signs.


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