• How Diabetic kidney disease Patients Protect Kidney

    2017-10-13 16:41:26

    Years of diabetes can cause diabetic nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy is also a common complication of diabetes. With the extension of our population life and diet, living habits change, Chinas diabetes patients have been increasing. So how to protect th...

  • How to determine whether a child has kidney cancer?

    2017-10-08 17:10:12

    The incidence of kidney cancer in children is under 5 years of age, especially for children aged 2-3 years. In the clinical medical records of renal cell carcinoma in, the youngest is 27 day newborn. With age, the incidence of kidney cancer in children is...

  • What are the routes of dissemination of kidney cancer?

    2017-10-08 17:07:45

    Nowadays, kidney cancer is a common malignant tumor. Although it is not an incurable disease, it is still necessary to pay attention to the disease because of the metastasis of the disease. Patients with renal cancer should also pay attention to the disea...

  • What should I do to treat diabetic nephropathy?

    2017-09-21 15:50:55

    In the face of disease, the body appears extremely vulnerable, the onset of nephrotic syndrome can cause a strong attack on the human body. Sometimes I think, human life, is how little and for how long.This disease comes, feel like losing a lot of tim...

  • Hypertensive nephropathy prevention and treatment recommendations

    2017-08-23 18:09:05

    Hypertensive nephropathy has a lot of damage to the human body, so we must do a good job in prevention work, to avoid the occurrence of the disease. But if you are suffering from hypertensive nephropathy, do not worry too much, to actively cooperate with ...

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