• To identify early symptoms of uremia

    2017-01-28 14:23:34

    What is the early symptoms of uremia?Uremia is a very serious disease harm, let the victim suffered a big damage, want to avoid the happening of the disease, we have to first understand the disease symptoms, and then to carry out targeted t...


  • Symptoms of kidney disease

    2017-01-26 17:25:19

    1, when the kidney disease, the renal filtration area decreased, permeability decreased, and decreased blood flow, but the kidneys re absorption function intact, resulting in less urine. 2, when the kidney is sick, the bodys immune damage t...


  • Five symptoms of primary nephrotic

    2017-01-26 17:24:38

    What are the five major symptoms of primary nephrotic syndrome patients need to be aware of it?! 1 minimal change disease (MCD), the situation of primary nephrotic syndrome is more common in children and teenagers, hide incidence under norm...


  • Positive urine test is kidney trouble?

    2017-01-16 11:47:20

    Different from other pathological types, what is the biggest characteristic of nephrotic syndrome? The typical symptom is that we call the three high and one low, namely, proteinuria, edema, hyperlipidemia, hypoproteinemia, the incidence of...

    Tags:positive uri

  • What does urine protein quantitative 8g mean?

    2017-01-16 11:26:25

    What were you doing when you were 17 years old? Learning tyrants in the high school classroom or a Juvenile have the battle of wits with the teacher and weekend over the wall to surf the Internet. Yuan is typical of the latter, his grades i...

    Tags:protein quan

  • Edema again and again, what's going on

    2017-01-16 11:18:05

    Adley at the age of 18 from Xinjiang , he was called old patient. Thats why? We have to begin with 4 and a half years ago that Adley had a double lower limb mild depression edema because of a cold, and had no other symptoms in the local hos...

    Tags:recurrent ed

  • The clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome,don't negl

    2017-01-16 11:11:19

    Nephrotic syndrome (NS) is the most basic features of proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema (height) and hyperlipidemia, the so-called three high and one low, and other metabolic disorders characterized by a group of clinical syndrome. 1 larg...


  • Early symptoms of renal failure

    2017-01-08 16:22:29

    Acute renal failure is usually due to insufficient blood supply of the kidneys, renal dysfunction caused by block or poisoning, cause acute renal failure. Chronic renal failure is due to the long-term renal disease, with the time and the di...


  • Early symptoms of kidney failure

    2017-01-08 14:47:09

    Male, 41 years old, has the history of chronic nephritis, the doctor asked to prevent renal failure, what are the early symptoms of kidney failure? Answer one: condition analysis: Kidney failure can only be delayed, and can not be cured, pl...


  • Symptoms of congenital nephrotic syndrome in children

    2017-01-07 16:13:07

    [symptom] Family history and history of production A large proportion of children with CNS had a positive family history. Pregnancy associated with toxemia of pregnancy. The characteristic feature is the large placenta, and the normal place...


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