• What are the symptoms of kidney disease that are not found e

    2017-02-14 18:02:26

    Acute pyelonephritis abrupt onset, clinical manifestations of seizures of chills, fever, back pain often accompanied by abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, dysuria, urinary frequency and nocturia. This disease can occur in all ages, but the...


  • Kidney disease is one of the 9 kinds of disease caused by ea

    2017-02-08 17:01:36

    Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, these are the necessities of our lives. And the salt in our lives plays an important role, since ancient times human beings know that eating salt was strong, thousands of kinds of dishes, vege...


  • Kidney failure can cause fracture symptoms? How to arrange t

    2017-02-06 14:42:10

    For the occurrence of this disease, renal failure, some patients are not very understanding, so for the treatment of the disease also has a lot of obstacles, then, on renal failure attack what symptom? Renal failure and how to eat it? Here...


  • Acute renal failure and early oliguria or anuria of the clin

    2017-02-06 14:32:37

    (A) the early: When the body after the onset of the shock and other causes, the lack of blood volume, blood pressure, renal vascular contraction occurs, renal blood flow reduction, glomerular filtration rate is also reduced, so that decreas...


  • The symptoms of nephritis?

    2017-02-04 15:17:10

    Common symptoms: less urine, blood in urine to the naked eye, face or lower limb edema, difficulty breathing What are the symptoms of nephritis? 1, the prodrome: most patients a month before the onset have a history of infection, have disea...


  • Does the presence of foam urine mean that the body is sick?

    2017-02-02 14:04:45

    Recently, there are a lot of friends are asking about the issue of foam urine, as the name implies, bubble urine is floating above the urine bubble. We generally see their own urine bubble will be very worried, worried that proteinuria, and...


  • These symptoms are not necessarily nephropathy

    2017-02-02 14:03:16

    Many people mention disease discoloration, hear the doctor said the nephritis is not good. Kidney disease patients will appear some symptoms, such as: bubble urine, hematuria, edema and so on, we often think that these performance must be n...


  • Renal tubular acidosis diet, how much do you know?

    2017-01-31 15:39:59

    Do you know what is the renal tubular acidosis? Popular point to understand the word is more or less potassium malpighian tube and that in dietary respect what we need to pay attention to? Hypokalemia can cause muscle weakness and hyporefle...


  • Alert!Remember the five can prevent kidney disease to develo

    2017-01-31 15:39:39

    We all know that kidney disease worsening will develop into uremia, you know what reason causes kidney disease to accelerate to develop into uremia?Hurry up and see it together! Hastening the development of kidney disease Take medicine in d...


  • Urine so much?You are this kind of kidney disease

    2017-01-28 14:31:38

    What kind of kidney disease can cause many urine? Common with interstitial nephritis and high calcium, low potassium Another hemorrhagic fever of renal syndrome, diffuse vascular skin cutin tumor urine, acute renal failure can cause increas...


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