• After dialysis, lead to a hiccough

    2017-05-15 16:50:02

    After dialysis lead to hiccoughs. In daily life, many factors can cause hiccups and usually this short-term discomfort is a feeling. However, if you find yourself on dialysis, you should be very careful, because dialysis can be the cause. I...

    Tags:symptoms of chronic renal failure Dialysis

  • Are Kidney stones not pain is cured?

    2017-04-26 18:04:22

    Kidney disease experts warned that patients with kidney stones as long as attention, or can be found in the early symptoms of kidney disease. Kidney stones caused by lumbago in addition to the kidney disease symptoms, pain often by lumbago...

    Tags:Kidney stones

  • What are the serious complications of chronic kidney disease?

    2017-03-31 09:50:40

    (1) infection The main reason for the decrease of the resistance to infection with nephrotic syndrome patients is ① losing too much IgG in the urine.② The deficiency of B factor (complement pathway component) leads to the deficiency of...


  • 24-hour urinary protein quantification with random urinary p

    2017-03-03 15:05:44

    Kidney disease needs to evaluate the amount of urinary protein excreted, the 24-hour urinary protein excretion rate is recognized as the gold standard, but 24-hour urinary protein quantification is often inaccurate. Because many links are f...


  • How do young people find kidney disease early?

    2017-03-03 13:49:05

    30% renal disease early onset occult The incidence of uremia is a process of development. In general, patients with underlying conditions such as obesity, diabetes and lupus erythematosus It is easy to be complicated with renal disease, and...


  • What are the common symptoms of kidney disease?

    2017-03-03 13:48:19

    Q - dirty gas law theory: patients, the abdomen large and swollen, cough, body weight, sleep sweating, hate wind, deficiency of chest pain, the small abdominal pain, syncope, Not happy. 1 edema often begins with the eyelids (some patients w...


  • Your heart is empty?

    2017-03-02 13:54:07

    The five line is XiangShengXiangKe, between the five internal organs of the body is connected to each other! The liver heart is wood fire, liver blood to support the heart; the heart spleen is fire, heart Yang can ask the spleen; spleen lun...


  • What are the symptoms of kidney disease?

    2017-03-02 11:41:44

    1 edema. The kidney is the organ of the human body excretion of water, kidney is not good, excess water will accumulate in the body. Patients with early onset of eyelid, face and lower extremity edema, and then to the development of persist...


  • Identification of foam urine and nephropathy

    2017-03-02 11:31:04

    Under normal circumstances, the urine surface tension is very low, the formation of bubbles less. Urine contains a number of organic substances and inorganic substances, so that the tension in the urine and the emergence of a number of stro...


  • What are the symptoms of nephritis

    2017-02-14 18:06:30

    In a variety of diseases, kidney disease is a chronic kidney disease, and more secretive, in the early stages of the disease, there is no symptoms or discomfort, such as not to make the appropriate examination, generally do not feel the pre...


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