• What are the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease?

    2017-07-04 17:06:11

    ADPKD is the whole kidney covered with large and small cysts, these cysts may increase with age and grow up, it will oppress the kidney, make the kidney structure damage, reduce the number of units to produce urine,thenkidney damage can not maintain the n...

    Tags:symptoms of polycystic kidney disease

  • How does the blood fat drop of nephrosis patient?

    2017-06-08 16:45:40

    In the past, we paid insufficient attention to the use of lipid-lowering measures in nephrotic syndrome, only in recent years have a lot of attempts to reduce the use of lipid-lowering drugs: (1) 3- hydroxy -3- methyl amyl two acyl CoA A (H...


  • 5 great habits keep you away from kidney disease

    2017-06-08 16:43:36

    Nephrotic syndrome with large proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, edema, hypertension is the main clinical features, the disease is not prolonged, often repeated exacerbations. If you can pay attention to the following summer, or All is well. Fir...


  • Do you have diabetes every day?

    2017-06-06 10:22:17

    A lot of friends in life love white rice in particular. Some people at least 2 meals a day to eat rice, since I heard that old love to eat white rice will get diabetes on the basic rice to quit. What is the relationship between white rice a...


  • Hyperlipidemia on kidney damage

    2017-06-06 10:20:54

    Hyperlipidemia on the kidney damage began to appear in a wide range of our lives, for this expert on the cause of hyperlipidemia kidney damage related research done. Recently, a study of experts pointed out that high-fat diet will not only...


  • Collagen side effects, studies said or cause kidney disease

    2017-06-04 09:58:40

    Japanese researchers report that they have confirmed that a cell that secrete collagen in the kidney can cause chronic kidney disease, which provides a way to develop new ways to prevent and treat the disease. Garlic effect and effect of al...


  • What is the side effect of collagen powder? Does it affect the kidney?

    2017-06-04 09:56:51

    Warm Tip: The side effects of drugs is the treatment of dose of drugs produced by some of the role of prevention and treatment has nothing to do with the adverse effects of drug is one of the main types. So what is the side effect of collag...

    Tags:collagen powder

  • Staging of diabetic nephropathy

    2017-05-27 11:33:56

    Diabetic nephropathy is one of the chronic complications of diabetes, but also the main cause of uremia, many patients with type 1 diabetes are often died of diabetic nephropathy, more longer duration of type 2 diabetes, 30% -40% Different...

    Tags:diabetic nephropathy

  • What are the symptoms of early diabetic nephropathy?

    2017-05-27 11:30:17

    What are the symptoms of early diabetic nephropathy? Diabetes is a more serious kidney disease, in general, for the treatment of diabetes there is a very big difficulty, so for now, for the disease need to get up early treatment, which refl...

    Tags:early diabetic nephropathy diabetic nephropathy nephropathy

  • What is the effect of diabetic nephropathy on kidney disease?

    2017-05-27 11:19:32

    Diabetic nephropathyis one of the most important complications of diabetes . Chinas incidence rate also showed an upward trend, has now become the second cause of end-stage kidney disease, second only to a variety of glomerulonephritis. Bec...

    Tags:diabetic nephropathy

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