• What are the typical symptoms of membranous nephropathy? How

    2018-05-05 15:05:32

    The main pathological change of membranous nephropathy is the deposition of a large number of immune complexes on the epithelial side of glomerular capillary loops. This deposit is confined to the epithelial side of the glomerular basement membrane. There...


  • Six of the most common symptoms of nephropathy

    2018-04-23 15:33:47

    There are many pathological types of chronic kidney disease, so the symptoms of the various diseases also different. The following is to sort out the symptoms of common diseases in the Department of Renal Medicine, so as to deal with them in a timely mann...


  • Appropriate diet for patients with intracerebral hemorrhage

    2018-01-28 17:14:07

    Cerebral hemorrhage is a common disease in our life. This disease is very important before the treatment of diet control. So what is the specific diet taboo? Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, because it contains vitamin c and potassium, magnesium, etc...


  • Doctors teach you how to identify renal edema?

    2018-01-16 15:54:07

    The so-called renal edema refers to edema caused by impaired renal function. This edema has two more obvious characteristics, one is symmetry, one is concave. Renal edema is often the site of the eyelids, lower legs and feet, its always symmetrical, there...


  • The relationship between low back pain and nephropathy

    2017-12-21 17:17:35

    People know that our kidneys are on the waist. So in many cases, when people have low back pain, they often wonder whether they are suffering from kidney disease. The kidney disease patients in the emergence of low back pain, but also often suspect that t...


  • The kidney disease that doesn't look like kidney symptoms

    2017-12-09 17:25:30

    Mentioned nephropathy, one might expect some familiar symptoms: edema, abnormal urination, back pain...... But some kidney disease symptoms are not like kidney disease, and you have to be careful. High blood pressure increased: as we all know, high blood ...


  • 4 symptoms often occurring in the middle and late stages of

    2017-12-07 14:31:14

    Chronic kidney disease is known as a silent killer, because of its early symptoms are not obvious, is not easy to be found, for example in early diabetic nephropathy patients usually appear malaise, nausea and vomiting, but because these symptoms are more...


  • High uric acid will certainly cause gout or kidney disease?

    2017-10-30 16:29:05

    In clinical practice, if the patient uric acid concentration beyond the normal range, that is, male or postmenopausal women blood uric acid 420mol / L, female blood uric acid 350mol / L, can be regarded as high uric acid. High uric acid is just one of the...


  • Can kidney cancer appear anaemic symptom?

    2017-10-09 17:18:43

    The clinical manifestations of kidney cancer are variable. In addition to hematuria, pain and swelling of the three typical symptoms, there are still many manifestations of kidney cancer of the urinary system of non renal such as high fever, abnormal live...


  • What are the early symptoms of kidney cancer?

    2017-10-07 17:02:31

    Kidney cancer can directly cause people to lose most of their kidney function, so the danger to our health is very large. So what are the early symptoms of kidney cancer? Hematuria: gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria is the most common symptom. Most...


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