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What are the early symptoms of renal failure?

2016-12-31 09:27

Renal failure is a common kidney disease, many chronic diseases caused by kidney damage after chronic renal failure disease, easily lead to partial or complete loss of kidney function, is very big to the patient's body injury, if not timely and effective treatment, but also easily lead to death, so usually we must pay more attention to maintenance of your body, once the physical discomfort symptoms, the best time to go to the hospital to check, do early detection and early treatment. Failure is divided into acute and chronic two kinds according to their acute exacerbation. Acute renal failure due to a variety of diseases resulting in two kidneys in a short period of time, loss of excretory function, referred to as acute renal failure. Chronic renal failure (CRF) is a syndrome consisting of a series of clinical symptoms, which is caused by various causes. Early treatment of renal failure, the condition of the kidney can be effectively controlled, most of the treatment in a timely manner can reduce the degree of injury of the kidney. Renal failure is a cause of disease, so what are the early symptoms of renal failure?
1 concentration of the protein tube blockage distal renal tubule: may be involved in the pathogenesis of this disease, one of the mechanisms of acute renal failure.
2 bilateral renal vein thrombosis.
3 vasoconstriction: in some patients in the presence of hypoproteinemia increased renin concentration, renin contraction of renal arterioles, GFR decreased. This kind of situation is more common in the elderly vascular disease.
4 hemodynamic changes: often hypoproteinemia and vascular lesions of the disease, especially in elderly patients with renal arteriosclerosis, the blood volume and blood pressure under reduced external sensitive, so when the acute hemorrhagic, vomiting, diarrhea caused by body fluids lost, surgical injury and ascites, a diuretic and antihypertensive drug use, can make the blood pressure drops further, cause kidney absorbed suddenly reduced, and the reduction of glomerular filtration rate, and because of degeneration and necrosis of tubular epithelial cell swelling, acute ischemia, leading to acute renal failure.
5 often accompanied by extensive fusion of glomerular epithelial foot process, the hole disappeared, so that the effective filtration area was significantly reduced.
6 renal interstitial edema, hypoproteinemia caused by edema, also may cause renal interstitial edema, renal interstitial edema of renal tubular compression, the proximal tubule of Bowman capsule hydrostatic pressure increased, GFR decreased.
Experts suggest that early renal failure is relatively easy to cure, so everyone needs to pay close attention to their own physical condition, once found himself suffering from renal failure, early treatment can be found as soon as possible, in the progression of kidney disease control early renal failure, there will be very likely to reduce kidney damage.
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