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Renal failure symptoms

2016-12-30 14:48
Whether it is a large or small harm to the disease are the cause of the disease, not for no reason at all. The incidence of kidney failure is the same, there are two kidney, kidney is responsible for filtering blood impurities in the kidney, if there is failure, can lead to kidney lose the original function, so what are the symptoms of kidney failure? Renal failure is another chronic kidney disease development later, a pathological state of renal function caused by partial or total loss, kidney failure can be divided into acute renal failure with chronic renal failure, will harm to the health of the body, may seriously endanger life, so what are the symptoms of renal failure some?
1 nervous system symptoms. The patient will have a headache, loss of memory, attention, also some people will appear weak, decreased sexual function, if it is late renal failure patients, sleepiness, consciousness is blurred, whole body pain, if neurological symptoms serious, there will be a face stiff, motionless limbs also, many of the quarrel out of slobber.
2 symptoms of digestive system. The patient will have anorexia, thirst, aversion to meat and other high quality protein foods, and some will be nausea, vomiting, but often there is frequent diarrhea, patients with oral have glossitis, oral mucosal erosion also, poisoning patients with renal failure, there will be bleeding, or gastrointestinal bleeding, are it is obvious.
3 cardiovascular system symptoms. A lot of renal failure patients have hypertension, with the disease progress, the blood pressure will progressively increase trend, the long-term high blood pressure, make urine toxins, water electrolyte disorder, acid-base imbalance will, there will be severe anemia in patients with cardiac organs but also abnormal changes, and will happen myocarditis, pericarditis, pericardial effusion and other diseases.
4 patients with renal failure, the excretory system also has obstacles, there will be nocturia. Some patients also no urine, but in the late, different degrees of edema also occurs in renal failure patients, but also associated with hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia and other symptoms of poisoning, so if there is these symptoms, must be timely to the hospital for treatment.
I believe that each patient in his body found problems when they are very want to put his body to cure, but in the process of treatment often is not so easy, so we must pay attention to their treatment way at this time. If the treatment of the way there is a mistake, then the treatment will be very late in the course of the treatment will become very troublesome, and patients themselves if these aspects are not particularly clear should be promptly asked the doctor. After the disease patients must be good to adjust their mentality, only a good state of mind to promote the rehabilitation of the disease.
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